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Farm And Forage Teas

If small batches of local herbs are your thing, Farm and Forage is your soon-to-be favourite. Sourced all across Canada, our blends are intentionally grown, loved and picked by small farms making each cup a truly one of a kind sip of our country.

Batch 005 | Herbal Tea - Rebel Roots Herb Farm | Durham, ON
Rebel Roots Herbs Farm is a small family farm tucked away down a gravel road in Grey County, Ontario. They aim to create an ecologically diverse place to raise their family, enjoy life and run a small business. The herbs they grow are done so using organic methods and respect. Respect for the plants, workers and the critters that call it home.
  • Tulsi
  • Nettle (Ethically Wildcrafted)
  • Mountain Mint
  • Calendula
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